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Painted Landscapes

A Mirror of Beauty
Fall colors on hillside
A range of autumn landscapes. All photos by David Lukas

This week's newsletter focuses on beauty—for the simple reason that beauty brings joy into our lives.

fall color on a lake

I had another topic planned for this week's newsletter, but over the last couple weeks I have found myself returning repeatedly to the theme of landscapes that look like paintings, so I've decided to focus on this instead.

With the changing colors of autumn I've been noticing these painted landscapes all around me, and I can't stop paying attention to them!

pastoral scene

I've been sharing a few of these beautiful images on my Facebook page, and someone pointed out that while some landscapes look like paintings, it's also true that many paintings look like landscapes.

Yes, people imitate nature, but whether it's a painting or an actual landscape there's something about an ideal moment of beauty that catches our attention and feels timeless.

fall colors on a lake

In fact, some images are so potent that everything seems to stop, even as you stare at the image over and over again.

fall colors along a river

Many of the photographs I take are at moments when I've literally been stopped in my tracks by a scene.

blazing fall colors

Sometimes, taking a photo is almost an afterthought, other times the act of taking the photograph, then seeing it in my camera as a framed image, is what makes me stop and look again.

fall colors along a river

Whether it's a color, a hint of memory, or an ideal you dream about, these moments hook your imagination and seem to pull you into another dimension.

fall colors at a lake

Only recently have I started taking photography seriously, and discovering that capturing these moments in photographs impacts people's lives in positive ways.

fall landscape

This newsletter shares some of my favorite recent images, because finding moments to share with other people is a great gift. If you're interested, I will be adding more images on my Facebook page as the autumn progresses.

fall colors on a lake

More than anything, I hope that wherever you are in the world, you are seeing beauty in the changing seasons around you.

contemplating figure

It is a joy to share these images and stories with you, and I hope you enjoy these newsletters as much as I do. If you haven't already, please consider upgrading to a paid subscription to help me continue this work. Producing the newsletter is a full-time job and subscriptions are what keep me going.