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The Year in Photos: A Celebration

My Journey with Photography
rays of sunlight
This has been a year of paying attention. Photo by David Lukas

If you're like me, your inbox is filling up with emails from people and organizations wanting to celebrate their accomplishments over the past year.

Hiking to a remote subalpine nunatak to photograph wildflowers. Photo by David Lukas

Since everyone is busy with holiday events and there's little time to read long newsletters, I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon and share some of my favorite photos from 2023!

light on river
My favorite image of the year: The light of wildfire smoke reflected in a mountain creek. Photo by David Lukas

When I started this newsletter nearly a year ago, I had no idea it would lead me down the road of photography. But every week I find myself needing new topics and new images, so I began carrying a camera and thinking carefully about how to take photographs for the newsletter.

roadside rainbow
I've learned to always have my camera ready for unexpected moments. Photo by David Lukas

Heron in snowstorm
A fleeting vision of a great blue heron in a snowstorm. Photo by David Lukas

The results have been amazing, and the joy of taking good photographs then weaving them into a story, along with lots of positive feedback, has prompted me to take my photography more seriously and invest in better equipment.

ice on dandelion head
Even a few months ago I didn't have the skill or equipment to capture a breathtaking image like this. Photo by David Lukas

I often say that writing this newsletter has become my full-time job, but what people might not realize is that work includes countless hours taking and processing photographs, plus hundreds of hours studying photographic techniques in order to become a better photographer.

Each image brings back memories. On this hike I fell into a raging creek and got pinned among fallen trees in a whirlpool! Afterward, I calmed my nerves by taking photographs and pretending like everything was back to normal. Photo by David Lukas

So, what now? I keep wondering if there are other ways I could use my photographs to tell stories and bring joy into people's lives?

fields of flowers
Discovering how photographs convey the magic of a place. Photo by David Lukas

I would love your feedback and suggestions. For example, I've been thinking of printing and selling some of my photographs, or creating items like calendars, and I'm curious if that's something that might interest you?

autumn light on a lake
Is this an image worth printing? Photo by David Lukas

Please let me know—either in the comments below, or as a private reply to the newsletter—because your feedback will help shape the direction I go in the new year.

trail through rocks
Wondering where our paths will lead in the new year? Photo by David Lukas

Until then, wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

As always, I add a little plug asking that you consider making a donation or upgrading to a paid subscription. These contributions are super important and greatly appreciated because they allow me to continue producing these newsletters. Thank you everyone who has helped make this journey possible, I'm looking forward to 2024! ❤️