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A Journey of the Mind

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Welcome to my world....

Every day when I walk into my office, I am greeted by walls of books calling for attention. My interests are eclectic and wide-ranging, and my imagination bounces all over the place, which is both thrilling and a little nerve-wracking.

Being in my mind is like being in a theme park, where we’re buzzing with excitement and want to try every ride at the same moment.

Bookshelf of books
Bookshelves are like landscapes of the mind

A quick glance at my bedside reading offers a glimpse into where my mind wanders as I drift off to sleep each night. For example, right now I’m reading a book on Latin literature of the Middle Ages, a textbook on biochemistry, a book on pollination, a manual on how to color grade videos, and an introduction to the natural history of British Columbia.

My joy comes from soaring through worlds of knowledge and imagination, then sharing what I discover with other people.

I especially love to take these pieces of knowledge with me on long hikes, where I hold them up to the natural world and see which pieces illuminate and weave their way into larger stories. These are the fragments, the stories, and the journeys that I capture and share in my writing and in my photographs and videos.

Bookshelf of books
Where will this journey take us?

This newsletter is the story of this newsletter. In other words, this newsletter is the story of how I collect and capture the pieces that go into each newsletter. Where I go, what I discover, and how I tie the pieces together.

I will have already met many of you through my talks, walks, classes, books, or videos. My goal is to stay connected with you and keep this conversation going, and I hope you’re reading this because you’re interested in the stories I have to tell.

Who knows what stories we’re going to share next--but it’s a big world out there so let’s see where this journey takes us!