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Calendar of Events


2016 Schedule

Please note that I anticipate having a greatly reduced teaching schedule in 2016, with only two longer classes and one short class scheduled for the entire year so far. I may be adding more classes and talks so stay tuned.

March 19,
Listening to the Birds

Tilden Botanic Garden, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Learning to identify birds by their songs is a tremendous challenge, but you can still learn a lot about bird behaviors when you listen closely to their songs. In this class we will explore the behaviors and strategies of singing birds with a short indoor program, then practice our new skills by following birds in the gardens. Expect to learn a lot about singing birds, including how to identify a few common birds, along with detailed insights into the lives of our local birds.

June 26 - July 1, Beginning Birding (5-day class)

Sierra Nevada Field Campus

Most bird classes jump right into advanced bird identification techniques so this new class is designed for beginners and bird-lovers who are more interested in learning the basics or just appreciate taking things at a more relaxed pace. We will explore many different habitats and locations, learning how to observe and identify a wide variety of birds, and more importantly, learning how to understand the lives and behaviors of birds we find. [You can register for this class when it is formally posted on January 31]

July 3 - July 8, Natural History of the Gold Lakes Basin (5-day class)

Sierra Nevada Field Campus

Join us on a series of outings to explore the magnificent lakes and wildflower-filled forests of the Lakes Basin, where we will use maps, cameras, sketchbooks, and notebooks to record, identify, and describe an astonishing variety of plants and animals. This will be a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in one special area rather than driving all over to different sites. [This class will be formally posted on January 31, at which time you can register. This class fills quickly so you have to jump on it when registration opens.]





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